Excavating Services

One of the very first things that need to be done in any construction project is excavation. This is the systematic and careful process of removing earth. In other words, a methodical technique of digging. In construction, excavation refers to the process of hauling and moving dirt, rock, earth or other materials using heavy equipment or even explosives.

Excavation is a technique crucial not only for construction, but also for other disciplines. Other important fields use this process for other purposes such as mining, exploration, or environmental restoration. Techniques commonly used in excavation include digging, dredging, trenching, cut and fill excavation. To optimize these, the proper technologies and machineries are employed.

At first, the process of excavation may seem straightforward. However, careful planning and assessment is needed to ensure safety and to prevent future problems. Typically, before all the digging and dredging can begin, engineers and surveyors examine the site. Planning for size and depth of excavation is done and translated into illustrations to guide the crew. This marks the specified boundaries for excavation.

The entire process of the excavation follows this flow:

  • Marking the boundaries and corners to be excavated
  • Surveying the ground levels
  • Digging, dredging, and trenching as needed to the depth stated in the plan
  • Dressing the loose soil
  • Making up to the cutoff level
  • Formation of wells for runoff water and interconnecting trenches
  • Marking building boundaries

Creation of protection bunds and drains.

In general, construction companies offer two kinds of excavation services: either residential excavation or commercial excavation. Residential excavation is generally reserved for new home development as well as for home improvements such as installation or removal of swimming pools, expansion of your yard or making spaces for gardens. While you may think than you can manually handle digging up your pool or moving boulders and debris from your yard, it is advisable to entrust these processes to experts and professionals in the field. A tiny misstep can cause grave damages to your homes that may warrant costly repairs.

Another common method of excavation which companies like ours offer is commercial excavation. This is a lot different from residential excavation. Usually, commercial structures are large multistory buildings which are understandably bigger and heavier than the average-sized residential property. Therefore, there is plenty of other considerations that must be taken into account for these types of construction projects. Apart from scooping up dirt, commercial excavation may also create some sort of reinforcement to the soil on site by adding and removing certain materials. This is to make sure that the ground can support the structure to be built. To accomplish this, rigid science and engineering methods are utilized.

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