Demolition Service Minneapolis

We can help you create spaces in for your new construction projects anywhere in Minneapolis. Our team of reputable demolition contractors offer professional services to help you clear out unneeded houses, buildings, and other structures. Using the most up-to-date equipment, we can prepare your site for new projects safely and immediately. Our demolition services include building surveying, structural surveying, and the demolition process itself which may utilize explosive or non-explosive methods.

Demolition is not a neat and tidy task, but we swear by to doing it with finesse. Our workforce are experts in dismantling structures with minimal disturbance of the surroundings.

Apart from these, we advocate for environmental sustainability. This is done by making sure that scrap materials recovered are properly reused or recycled. We are proficient in destroying old, unused buildings while making sure that the process does not leave a dent to mother nature.

We believe that demolition is more than just destruction—it is an art, a science, and an engineering process. The same way that every building is created and planned individually, it is also important that the process of demolition is tailored for every structure for safety and efficiency reasons.

The detailed demolition planning done by our team involves studying certain aspects of the structure and site to meet your goals safely and on schedule. The location of the building, as well as its distance from adjacent structures, streets, and other elements are among the most important considerations. The building is then carefully studied, including all support systems that need to be dismantled. Precautionary measures are established for the protection of the public who may be nearby, and the crew working on site. Prior to the execution, handling and transportation of the debris is also arranged. Depending on the building type, the choices for demolition methods vary, and they may be explosive or non-explosive.

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